Activity for Health, Bicycle for Activity

Eti Activity for Health, Bicycle for Activity

Active life style based on physical activity is of vital importance in the protection and development of physical and mental health of people of all ages. 

Only 25% of Turkey lives actively; in other words, 3 out of 4 people do not move enough. The most inactive age group is the young people between 15-19. 63% of this age group is inactive. In occupational groups, students constitute the most inactive group with 72%. Free times are the periods in which we are most inactive. Our culture of evaluating free times does not include physical activities.* Starting from this point, ETİ has started “Yellow Bicycle” Project with the aim of encouraging the active life and contributing to the proliferation of bicycling in cooperation with Active Living Association. 

With Yellow Bicycle project, ETİ aims to bring more people together with “bicycle” which is one of the most entertaining and healthy ways of moving and has an important place in all of our lives since the childhood, and to  lead the proliferation of the bicycling in Turkey. It aims to increase the awareness of society on bicycling and to encourage the people to a ‘more active’ life and to contribute to growing up a healthier generation. Thus, the project’s slogan has been determined as ‘Activity for Health, Bicycle for Activity’.

You can learn the project details at Yellow Bicycle page.  

*Active Living Association’s Study on Physical Activity Level of Turkish Society (2010)