Yellow Bicycle

Eti Yellow Bicycle

It is aimed to create awareness for the necessity of activity for a healthy life and to encourage bicycling which is one of the most entertaining ways of activity and to lead the active life in Turkey with Yellow Bicycle Project realized in cooperation with ETİ and Active Living Association. 

Yellow Bicycle Project which began in Eskişehir in 2014 continues in Istanbul in 2015. Aiming to spread the “Activity” concept to all sections of society through bicycle, ETİ and Active Living Association focus on ‘Women’ in Istanbul in 2015 with Yellow Bicycle Project and encourage bicycling under the leadership of women. Project cooperates with “Bicycling Woman Initiative” created by bicycling women in Istanbul and underlines the ‘POSSIBILITY’ of bicycling in all fields of life.

Love of bicycle is instilled to all people from 7 to 70 with primary school training, district bazaar activities, campus activities, mobile repair vehicle activities and mass bicycling activities organized within the scope of the project. 

Safe Bicycling Training in Schools

Within the scope of safe bicycling training given in primary schools; children who do not know how to ride a bicycle are taught to ride a bicycle and the children who know how to ride a bicycle practice to increase their riding mastery.

Bicycle Renting System in Universities

As part of Yellow Bicycle Project, free bicycle renting stands are opened in certain university campuses; thus, the transportation within campus is made easier for the students and they become “more active”.

Mobile Repair Vehicle

Basic maintenance and repair of the idle bicycles are carried out with the Mobile Repair Vehicle designed specially for the project, and they are made operative again.

Bicycle Activities in District Bazaars

Housewives meet with tricycles in district bazaars to encourage bicycling. Thanks to tricycles, women place their bags in the bicycle basket instead of carrying them and go to house with tricycles, thus they do exercise.

Bicycle Festival

ETİ organizes a big public event in all cities it goes within the scope of Yellow Bicycle project. The ones who come to these events with their bicycles have a pleasant and ‘active’ day.