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ETİ Children’s Theater

ETİ Children’s Theater is 18 years old!
ETİ Children’s Theater, performing free theater plays with the aim of contributing to the personal, social and cultural development of the children, instilled love of theater to 1,8 million children in 18 years. 

ETİ Children’s Theater has toured 81 cities of Turkey many times and offered the children the opportunity of watching theater free of charge, and it also reaches the children in the countries where Turkish population is dense such as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Macedonia and Azerbaijan and performs theater plays of world’s classics. 

Aiming to expand the imagination of tens of thousands children who will go to the theater for the first time, ETİ Children’s Theater has so far performed 7 different plays including “Bisküvi Adam” (The Cookie Man), “Kakaolu Olsun” (Make It Cacao), “Alaaddin’in Sihirli Lambası” (Aladdin’s Magic Lamp), “Alice Harikalar Diyarında” (Alice in Wonderland), “Pinokyo” (Pinocchio), “Çizmeli Kedi” (Puss in Boots) and “Kral Çıplak” (The King is Naked). ETİ Children’s Theater completed 2013-2014 season with total 240 plays in 47 different cities and districts of our country from Tekirdağ Çerkezköy to Hakkari Yüksekova, Ordu Mesudiye to Konya Akşehir as well as Istanbul on 125 days . ETİ Children’s Theater will continue to expose children, the future of our country, to the art of theater free of charge in 2014-2015 season with “Kral Çıplak” (The King is Naked) play.

“The King is Naked” Play

“The King is Naked” play has been adapted from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, one of Andersen’s Tales which is liked most in our country and the world, and included in the list of Ministry of National Education Primary Education 100 Basic Works. The work written by Hans Christian Andersen is best known as “The King is Naked” rather than its original name.

“The King is Naked” adapted by Ünsal Sicilli and Gökhan Daldık, directed by Ünsal Sicilli, and the music of which is composed by Caner Anar; starts with the story of a vain king who always wants to wear new clothes; the king can not decide on the clothes he will wear on his birthday. He invites tailors to a competition while the king’s advisor wants to take over the kingdom through various tricks. Two citizens disguise themselves as tailors and come to the palace to teach the king a lesson and they tell the king that they will make him a suit which only intelligent people can see. The play gives a message both to the children and the parents in an entertaining way that the intelligence is above everything and the real beauty is inside not on the clothes, and it is also emphasized that sometimes we can be misled by people whom we trust for their own benefits and we can overcome this through our intelligence, and we should be brave enough to speak the truth.