Delicious Recipes

Cherry Cake



  • 2 packages of ETİ Finger
  • 1 package of frozen cherries
  • ½ package of cream
  • 1 package of chocolate sauce
  • 1 package of bitter chocolate


Purée the cherries in a blender. Reserve part of the cherry mix to spread on top of the cake later. Crush the cookies. Add the cherries and chocolate sauce and mix together. Spread plastic wrap on the bottom of a flat cake pan and pour in half of the mixture. Spread the cream on top, sprinkle grated chocolate on top of that and then add the remainder of the cherry mixture. Chill in the refrigerator, then turn the cake upside down and spread the cherry purée that was set aside. Serve cold. (Raspberries can be used instead of cherries.)

Cherry Cake