Move with Petito

Eti Move with Petito

Chocolate is among the most indispensable tastes for the children. Happiness of children eating chocolate reflects on their faces, while the mothers may be concerned about this sweet habit. As the mothers always act with the instinct of protecting their children, they remain distant from chocokate products due to risk of obesity. It is very important for Eti Petito Ayıcık to get the approval of mothers as well as being a brand liked by the children.

Everything is under control with portion-controlled varieties of Eti Petito Ayıcık!

 Mothers want to follow chocolate consumption of their children against the risk of obesity. Eti Petito Ayıcık fulfills this requirement of the mothers with its portion-controlled varieties. Thus, while the mothers do not deprive their children of their favourite taste, they also keep their chocolate consumption under control. 

Let the children eat Eti Petito Ayıcık and move!

 While the children spent their energy playing on the street in the past, they now prefer spending their time in front of the screen. And it causes them to stay inactive.

Inactivity is shown among the primary reasons of obesity by the specialists. Wanting the children to have a healthy development by moving, Eti Petito Ayıcık encourages the children to move with its vivacious dance in the advertisements. Children enjoy the fun with Eti Petito Ayıcık, and the mothers become happy as their children move.

Eti Petito Ayıcık is always with the children!

The children not only see Eti Petito Ayıcık on the screens. Being aware of the fact that the biggest obstacle to children’s health is inactivity, Eti Petito Ayıcık meets the children at every opportunity. It accompanies children in shopping malls, streets, parks, markets, nursery schools with its entertaining and educational activities. It teaches children how to dance in the dance floors set up in the shopping malls, paints the walls and does puzzle with them. And it sometimes shows the real world to the children growing up in the digital world with various handcraft worksops, and helps them to have hobbies. Eti Petito Ayıcık really touches the lives of children.