Message from the Chairman of the Board


ETİ is a company named by my father Firuz Kanatlı, the founder and Honorary President, with the inspiration of the Hittites, one of the greatest civilizations of Anatolia; and since its establishment, it has adhered to the principles of quality and innovation and come to these days.

Our father and honorary president Firuz Kanatlı always prioritized the values of honesty, determination to work and faith while he raised us and built up ETİ. ETİ has grown from the factory building my father designed himself in 1961 to a popular brand with production facilities of total 430.000 square meter, more than 6.000 employees, 190 domestic and foreign distributors and export to nearly 40 countries on five continents.

Creativity and innovativeness have been our source of inspiration during this devoted and labor-intensive process. ETİ has always endeavored to be the brand of “firsts”.

During this process from the first baby biscuits to first high-fiber biscuits, first industrially packaged cake and first flavored crackers of Turkey; we have been guided by the expectations of our consumers. We regularly follow the changing consumer trends and the dynamics of the sector and increase R&D investments every year; the most important reason is that we are a brand that guides the consumer behaviors instead of meeting the expectations. Today, the consumers not only expect us to produce tasty products, they also look for healthy products they can eat in all parts of the life. With 45 brands and nearly 300 products, we endeavor to add taste to the life.

Ever since our company was founded, our goal is to maintain our values and to become a world brand in our sector. In order to achieve this goal, we work on many topics from branding to production as the whole ETİ family. Excellence in production awards such as TPM (Total Productivity Management) given to our production facilities not only fill us with pride, but also motivate us to do even better. We are aware that success can not only be measured quantitatively. The recent consumer surveys on our brand have revealed the perception that “ETİ is a respected and leading brand of Turkey”; which is the excellent indicator proving that success is indeed achieved by becoming a favorite brand for the consumer.

As ETİ Companies, we are aware of our responsibilities to the society. For many years, we have endeavored to fulfill our duties towards our country and the society through numerous social responsibility projects that we have directly undertaken or supported. We have adopted a social responsibility understanding of investing in our children who will play a key role in building a bright future for our country; therefore we have developed many projects for them such as “Yellow Bicycle”, “Cultural Ambassadors”, “Children’s Ferryboat”, “Children’s Theater”, and worked with Civil Society Organizations in order to maximize the social benefit. I believe wholeheartedly that we expand our children’s horizons and invest in the future of our country with these projects. One of the most important points for us in social responsibility projects is continuity. It gives us happiness to know that our long-term work will have lasting effects on future generations. One of the projects we have taken the most pride in is the high school we built in 1970 in honor of my grandfather Hacı Ahmet Kanatlı. It is one of our greatest sources of happiness that every year more and more young people who will work for the future of our country graduate from this school giving Anatolian High School education…

As Eti, we have overcome many obstacles to come to these days. All these obstacles and difficulties served to motivate us even more to be successful. Protecting the values coming from the past, I believe that we will take this value we learnt from our founder Firuz Kanatlı further together with all our colleagues working in ETİ’s management. We will continue adding moments of happiness to life, knowing that future generations, delightful conversations and friendly sharing will be more tasty with ETİ products.

ETİ Companies
Chairman of the Board of the Directors
Firuzhan Kanatlı