Benefits of eating between meals


Eating between meals

Main purpose of eating between meals is to balance blood glucose level which is known as blood sugar and to prevent feeling hungry quickly and overeating in the next meal, and to increase the metabolic rate. And it is possible to lose weight more quickly depending on the increase in the metabolic rate. Eating between meals also supports regular operation of your stomach and intestine system.
Factors such as intense work pressure, changes in life style, increase in time spent outdoor negatively affect our food habits. This often causes missing main meal times and shortening of eating duration; and as a result, the need for snacking increases. 

Eating between meals vs. irregular snacking

Do not forget that food consumed more than necessary will become fat in the body. Eating between meals is one of the important steps of healthy nutrition; however, irregular snacking and irregular eating times do not accelerate the metabolism; on the contrary, irregular eating habit results in increase in fat rate and  causes you to put on weight. The studies show that metabolic rate of the persons eating between meals is higher than the ones who do not eat between meals. For this reason, you should divide what you eat throughout the day into six meals and pay attention to portion sizes. 

Healthy snack

Do not increase your blood sugar level taking pure carbohydrate (dessert with syrup, cake, pastry etc.) while eating between meals.

The times of eating between meals should be definite. Determine the times instead of continuously snacking (it may be 30 minutes before or after according to your work within the day).
Carry your alternative food for eating between meals with you against the risk of not being able to find or being outside, in the meeting etc.; and carry dry, instant, practical food in your bag.
Prefer milk, dried fruits, multi-grain diet biscuits instead of cookies, savory bun etc. as snack in the meetings.

When you eat food containing carbohydrate such as biscuits and crackers, if you take protein supplement such as yoghurt drink, cheese, milk, yoghurt, you will have longer feeling of fullness.

Keep in mind…

Balance of the day is upset due to not eating between meals because of forgetting or not finding time in your working life. It is possible to keep this balance with practical and non-time consuming snacks. You should not ignore eating between meals in order to lose weight without feeling hungry, not to re-gain weights and to have a healthy life.