Infant Nutrition and Absorption


Breast milk for the first 6 months

However, only breast milk is not sufficient for your baby after the 6th month. Needs of your baby differ according to the months. Therefore, you should introduce supplementary food which can meet necessary and different needs. 

Babies’ Different Needs

As your baby grows, its needs differ. Therefore, there are periods in which babies need different food for different months. It is important to prefer the food which can meet rapidly changing needs and the supplementary food developed for these periods. It is very important for your baby’s healthy development to catch the important milestones for your baby in the growth process and to meet such needs on time and with correct solutions.


Introduced to supplementary food, as your baby begins to be fed by new food with intensity it is not accustomed to as of the 6th month and the muscular system at anal area is not sufficiently developed yet, you may frequently encounter constipation problem during these months. It is useful to make your baby consume prebiotic fibrous food during this period. Prebiotic fibers support the development and existence of prebiotic microorganisms which help regulate the digestive system and support immune system in the bowels. Therefore, food and supplementary food containing prebiotic fibers may be solution for the constipation and digestive system problems of your baby.

Tips for Iron mineral Consumption

Another need of your baby as of 6th month is iron mineral supplement depending on the decrease in iron store. Your baby’s iron requirement will increase generally between 6-12th months. Therefore, iron content of the supplementary food should be high. Key point here is to have your baby consume vitamin C and iron mineral together. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron. You should prefer food containing iron and vitamin C together so that your baby can benefit from iron mineral in the best way.