Message from the Honorary President


To my distinguished friends,

Mankind finds true happiness during the challenge itself to achieve success rather than the actual moment of success.

Throughout my eighty three years of life, I have faced my biggest challenges for ETİ and I have been happy for years beyond words.

Our achievements made us proud and brave; but they made us even happier as they brought more challenges and efforts for us.

While ETİ was only a dream and vision, we believed that everything was there to make people happy, and we considered it a sacred duty to serve Turkish people and our beloved Turkish nation with all our power.

We started out with the belief that we could make cookies better than anyone else. We always intended to be different, achieve excellence, dream and realize our dreams; and these dreams never ended. ETİ has never forgotten that everyday is a new start for the world.

ETİ has offered employment opportunities to our people for nearly half century; and has become a leader in modern biscuit machinery production technology in Turkey with its belief, love and enthusiasm in its business; and started industrial cake production which is a major production sector today, organized its own “research-development” activities for new products and automation systems at world standards, and the most importantly, it has established large and effective production, distribution and sales organizations and managed them successfully. And it still develops and manages them.

Today, ETİ is a major brand making a large, huge family of employees, business partners, domestic and international consumers proud and happy, and a reliable and lasting corporation dedicated to grand Turkish nation.

I have dedicated my life to my Family and ETİ.

With the contentment of people doing a job well for entire lifetime, I took the happy opportunity of handing over ETİ’s management to my younger colleagues on its rapid journey to institutionalization. I have full faith in them and believe wholeheartedly that they will carry ETİ to much brighter horizons with their dreams, creative thinking and work, and wish them every success.

Today, when I look back on eighty-third year of my life, I remember all good and difficult times, and thank my Almighty Allah with all my heart for blessing me with such a magnificent life.

I express my endless gratitude, sincere regards and respects to everyone who has brought ETİ to where it is today and all of you.

Honorary President